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What to Expect When Getting a Tarot Reading

Are you thinking about getting a tarot reading? This guide outlines how it works, so you can know exactly what you’re getting into when you (the seeker) have a tarot reading with me (the practitioner). Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, if you’re going to get one it’s helpful to understand what tarot readings are and how to get the most out of them. I’ll cover the kinds of questions you can ask, things you can do before a reading, what happens during a reading, and the best things to do afterwards.

My name is Yonita and I’ve been working with tarot for about 7 years. Hi! 🙂

Tarot reading is a practice that has a long and rich history. It’s been influenced by philosophy, psychology and spirituality, as well as cultures from all over the world. Tarot readers, or practitioners (as I prefer), use various methods to draw cards from a tarot deck, and extract and interpret meanings, messages and insights from the cards to answer questions asked by seekers (that’s you). For a more in-depth look at how tarot works and where the information comes from, I’ve written this article here.

Now that you now a little more about tarot, let’s get into why you might want a reading.

Why get a tarot reading?

Tarot readings are a great way to help with all sorts of life experiences, big and small, like: making a career move, starting a business, improving your relationships, discovering your passions, moving homes, healing, self-improvement, and so much more!

You can think of it this way: if there’s something in your life that you are struggling to deal with, make sense of, or make a decision on- tarot can help you. If you’re facing a big change, feel stuck, or aren’t sure if you’re heading in the right direction, tarot can help you there, too. And if you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed by something, or even if you’re feeling okay but would like some confirmation or to better prepare for whatever might be ahead of you, you guessed it: tarot can provide an assist.

The cards are an amazing tool that help you gain a better understanding of your experiences. If used right, they can help you connect more deeply with your intuition, and navigate the challenges in your life more easily. Tarot does this by unveiling unconscious insight so you can make more confident and healthy decisions, and take actions that are better aligned for you. Having a reading with me and your Spirit guides guiding you through it is a bit like going to a friend or a therapist for advice, but with a some magic thrown in. (I get more into Spirit guides in that article I mentioned earlier about how tarot works).

What kinds of questions can you ask?

The great thing about tarot is that you can really ask about anything you’d like, but there are some good practices and a few things to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of your experience.

  1. It’s about HOW you ask, not what you ask about.
    • The way questions are asked can have a significant impact on the answers received during a tarot reading. Thankfully, this is something you don’t need to worry about! You can ask whatever questions you like because, as a practitioner, it’s my job to make sure the questions are effective and the phrasing works. This is also helpful when you have an issue you want help with but aren’t sure what questions are best to ask or how to ask them. In this case you can describe your situation in the question box and I will formulate the appropriate questions on your behalf. You can be as specific or as broad as you’re comfortable with in the details you provide. Context helps me better understand the insights I read, but I don’t necessarily need the nitty-gritty. If you feel like a detail is relevant and important, feel free to share it! If you’d rather not, that’s okay, too!
  2. Some questions are meant for specialists.
    • While it’s true that tarot can help with any aspect of life, it’s still important to be smart and realistic with legal, medical and financial questions. If you ask about these topics you will most certainly receive insight, and it will likely be helpful, but it’s best to consult a professional in these fields when appropriate because tarot insight is not a replacement for specialist expertise. In fact, there are even tarot cards that have the message: ‘Seek help from an expert professional’! I’m a really great tarot reader (as I’ve been told :)), but I’m not a doctor, lawyer or financial advisor.
  3. The purpose of tarot is to empower you.
    • A tarot reading will provide insights, suggestions and encouragement to help you with any situation you’re dealing with, but tarot cards and Spirit guides cannot make decisions for you. Ultimately, the final say in your life belongs solely to you, and it’s up to you to accept apply the insights you receive, or reject them, as you see fit. My goal is for a reading to help you see and understand the paths available to you more clearly, and feel more confident about making the choices that are right for you, not for a reading to make those choices for you. You should come out of a reading feeling more knowledgeable about your situation.
  4. The future is not set in stone.
    • If you’re not familiar with tarot reading, you may have a perception shaped by what’s commonly seen in media and pop-culture; the image of the gypsy-like ‘psychic’ fortune teller that’s surrounded by crystals, might seem a little kooky, and predicts your future. The truth is that divination is only one of many aspects of working with tarot, and it very rarely reflects those stereotypes and misconceptions. I’m not a fortune teller, and I don’t predict the future, but tarot does allow me to extrapolate potential future outcomes surprisingly well. The future is not set in stone, however. While there may be certain events and experience that are meant for you, and there are certainly many, many things that are inevitable and properly outside of our control, our lives and paths are largely determined by our free will, our choices and dispositions. The topic of free will versus fate is an in depth discussion for another time. The main take away of this point can be summed up like this: a tarot reading may indicate that a particular kind of success, or a particular kind of failure, is a highly likely potential outcome of a path you’re on, but whether or not you actually get to that success or failure depends on your decisions and actions. If you want to achieve or avoid those potential outcomes, tarot can help you figure the best way to go about it, but it can’t guarantee that they will happen- that part is up to you. The key word in all of this is: potential.
  5. My readings are limited to 2 topics per session.
    • It’s understandable to want to tackle as many issues as possible when you’re trying to figure things out, but just as with most cases in life, it’s a better practice to take on one thing at a time. Tarot sessions can get quite in depth, even intense, and sometimes the information to take in can feel overwhelming. This is one reason why I restrict my readings to two questions, or two areas of focus, at most. The other reason is that the more issues I have to focus on, the less time and attention I can give to each of them. In an ideal situation a tarot session focuses on one specific question or one general aspect of life, and allows for a more thorough reading into that topic and a potentially deeper understanding of how to move forward.
  6. If you’re not sure about something, it’s okay to ask for clarity!
    • This applies both generally and to my readings. During recordings and over-the-phone sessions I do my best to convey and explain things in ways that are easy to understand, often using examples from my experiences and from daily life. Nevertheless, there may still be a moment when something isn’t quite clear to you, and if this is the case I more than welcome you letting me know about it! I will be happy to help! During an over-the-phone session this usually happens automatically, anyway, as an organic part of our conversation. With recorded readings you can let me know what you aren’t sure about by responding to the email in which I’ve sent your recording. If you do email me, please be sure to do so within 3 days of receiving your reading. If you have a general question that isn’t answered in this post, you can contact me using my contact from.

How I do tarot readings.

There are many ways that a practitioner can work with tarot cards, and each have their own preferred methods. My technique involves using the knowledge, experience and intuitive skills I’ve developed over the years to connect with your energy as well as the energies of Spirit guides that are helping you. These are what influences which cards show up in your reading, and I allow them to guide me in interpreting the cards.

Sometimes, I get a little extra information through my intuition, so don’t be too surprised if I mention something that isn’t indicated by any of the cards in your reading. This is a relatively new development for me, but I’m thoroughly enjoying how it adds to my readings with seekers, and they often really appreciate it, too! During a reading I may also use everyday examples or experiences from my own life to help illustrate certain points, but the insights I share are not my personal opinions, they are determined by your energy and your guides.

It’s a little tricky to summarize exactly how this whole process works, but remember that other article I mentioned earlier? Great! I explain it much better there.

Now that we’ve covered how I work with tarot cards and what you can ask, let’s get into the different kinds of readings I offer and what happens when you get them.

Telegram Phone Readings

These are one-on-one, 45 minute long over-the-phone tarot readings done via Telegram. When you book an over-the-phone reading, you provide me with your query beforehand. I meditate on it, make sure the questions work and prepare an appropriate spread. Shortly before our phone call, I take some time, using the techniques I mentioned earlier, to connect with your energy and guides, draw the cards and snap photos of them. When our call begins we can then dive straight into the reading, and as I guide you through, you’re able to follow along with the photos and get clarity wherever you need it.

Of all my offerings, this is my current favourite because we get to have a dialogue running throughout the reading, and the personal connection adds so much value to the experience on both sides. I love being able to have a conversation about how a seeker’s story is unfolding in the cards, and have the opportunity to provide clarity in real time, if necessary.

Additionally, I love the fact that distance is not an obstacle. I’m able to directly connect with you no matter where you are in the world. I don’t currently offer face-to-face readings for various logistical reasons, but what you get from these over-the-phone readings, and how they work, is essentially the same.

You can book a session like this on the product page by entering your details and questions, choosing a time slot that works for you and clicking ‘add to basket’. After you’ve completed the checkout and payment process, both you and I will receive an email confirmation, which can sometimes take up to 15 minutes. I’ll send you an additional reminder of our appointment details on Telegram, but it’s still a good practice to mark it on your calendar. :).

On the day of our appointment, I’ll send you a quick message a few minutes beforehand to make sure you’re ready to start, and then call you and begin our session.

Preparing for an Over-the-Phone Tarot Reading

Once you’ve booked and paid for a reading there isn’t really anything else you need to do, but I like to suggest that seeker’s set up a way to record our call. This is completely optional, but one of the benefits of having a recording of a reading is to be able to return to it at a later stage and listen to it again.

Quick Insights Readings

Quick Insights tarot readings are all about convenience. They are 20 to 30 minute long, recorded audio readings that are emailed to you, so you can get insight on your query without taking time out of your schedule for an over-the-phone session.

This kind of reading is great if you don’t have the time for a Telegram phone reading, or if you want to get some guidance sooner than the date of the next available phone slot. A bonus is that you can listen to the recording as many times as you want, and if you’d like me to explain or clarify anything in it you can just reply to my email and let me know, as long as you do so within a couple of days.

Just like with Telegram readings, you send your query to me through the product page and after you’ve completed the checkout and payment process, both you and I will receive an email confirmation. This can sometimes take up to 15 minutes. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and relax while I get to work!

What do I do, you ask?

The process for recorded readings is almost the same as phone readings. After I receive your order, I meditate on your query and prepare the questions and the spread. I connect with your energy and guides (your full name and date of birth helps me do this), draw cards for the spread and capture some photos of them. Instead of calling you, however, I hit record and begin to read and narrate the insights and messages I see, as well as any additional messages that may come through, explaining the process as I go.

Once the reading is done, I email the audio recording and photos to you with a download link, and you can then download them and listen to your reading while following along using the photos. It’s that simple, and it all happens within 48 working hours!

Preparing for a Pre-recorded Tarot Reading

What’s great is that once you’ve ordered a pre-recorded reading, you’re all set! You will already be receiving a recoding of your reading so there’s no need to think about doing that yourself. You can just sit back and relax while you wait for your email to arrive.

What to do after a Tarot Reading

This section is important. Whether you’ve just had a phone session with me or listened to a recording, it’s a good idea to take a little time out for yourself. A tarot reading can cover a lot of information, and sometimes the insight can be unexpected or complex. Trying to take it all in and understand it can feel overwhelming – not always, but certainly sometimes. If this is the case, your brain probably needs time to process, decompress and assimilate, so allow yourself space for that in whatever way makes sense to you. You could go for a walk, exercise, journal, dance, cook, or even lay down and rest for a while.

Generally speaking, activities that are meditative and physical are great to do because they allow your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind to do their thing at their own pace. I find that it’s best to go with what feels natural. I will connect with nature or move my body, and by the time I’m done so many dots will have connected in my mind that I have to write it all down! Then I might want to move about again, or eat, or nap.

Something to avoid, however, is excess stimulation that inputs more information into your brain, like reading a book, watching a show, scrolling on social media, or any kind of cerebral work that requires attentive and active brain functioning. Overly-stimulating (and mind-numbing) activities are likely to tire you out quickly – remember that your brain uses a whole lot of energy! – and it’s probable that you’ll have difficulty focusing on them, anyway. You want to let things settle or get them out of your head, not put more stuff in, so stick to activities that are grounding, physical, calming, and second-nature. Your mind will thank you for the break and the opportunity to settle and clear up! It’s also good to remember that there’s no pressure to immediately apply all the insights you’ve received. You don’t have to rush right into your next decision or action step. If you feel confident and ready to, which is very possible, that’s wonderful! But, if you’re not quite there, that’s all right, too. The processing and, decompressing and assimilation time may be just what you need.

If you have a recording of your reading you can revisit it after some time and listen to it with fresh ears. It’s kind of like re-reading a great book. Each time you do, you might find that it reveals new insights or makes things clearer. The number of times you listen, and how often, really depends on the nature of the reading and what feels right to you. I tend to re-listen to a reading one or two more times over the course of a few days, and each time I get a little more out of it.

These methods are optional. They’re my suggestions, but you can ultimately do anything you like after a reading.

Weekly Personal Tarotscopes

You know about horoscopes, right? Those columns and blog subscriptions for each zodiac sun sign that sometimes have a little to do with your life but most of the time feel totally irrelevant? Those horoscopes sometimes feel phoney because they’re super generalised, and by their nature can’t apply to, or resonate with, most people. This is not like that. Haha!

Personal tarotscopes are mini, single-card tarot readings. They are 100% specific to you. Much like with a regular tarot reading, I take the time to connect with your energy and your guides, but instead of seeking insights for particular issue I leave things open-ended and ask to receive the message that you need most for the week ahead, whatever that may be. Tarotscopes are a great way to start the week. The messages can range from a general theme, encouragement, inspiration, qualities to embody, things to meditate on or be mindful of, a lesson to contemplate or apply in your life – anything, really.

This is one of my personal favourite ways to work with tarot because while specific questions are great for figuring out individual situations, they also limit the full potential of insight that tarot cards can convey. It’s a practise that I find to be incredibly valuable, especially for personal growth. Additionally, your guides might want to share a message that they otherwise might not be able to; things outside the scope of questions you might ask.

You can sign up for a month of weekly tarotscopes here. At the start of each week I go through the process I described earlier and draw a single card for you. Then, similarly to the Quick Insights readings, I record the messages and send the audio file to you either via Telegram or email. These recordings are typically 2 to 5 minutes long, and they’re a great way to get a sense of direction and inspiration when a new week begins.

In Conclusion

My journey with tarot has been eye-opening and unexpectedly valuable. The process is so interesting, and everything that I’ve learned and experienced through working with this tool has helped me cultivate a better understanding of, and relationship with myself and my life. It’s been an aid in self-empowerment; in developing more self-awareness, self-confidence, resilience, intuition, empathy, and more. Above all, it’s helped me navigate my life when things felt particularly murky. It’s one of many tools and resources out there that have the potential help us in positive ways, and I also think it’s one of the coolest.

I hope this guide has helped you get a better idea of what tarot readings can do for you, and how simple the process of getting a reading with me is; it’s like regular online shopping! If you’d like to get on of the readings I’ve listed above you can visit my shop page.

Essentially: tarot readings are super fascinating. You should totally get one. 🙂

Expanding Sapience

Yonita is an illustrator and tarot and astrology practitioner with a penchant for science, spiritual experiences, fiction, food and obsessive studying.

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