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Phone Tarot Reading Session

(2 customer reviews)


A 45 minute, over-the-phone tarot reading to help you figure things out and navigate your path.

Is there something weighing on your mind? An issue you can’t seem to make heads or tails of, or a decision that’s just a bit overwhelming? Along our unique paths we often find ourselves struggling to figure things out, stuck at a crossroads, or overly stressed about what we’re experiencing, and wishing we had more insight so we could move forward with a bit more confidence. This reading can provide you with just that.

With the help of Spirit, your guides and mine, I use the tool of tarot to unveil the guidance you need to tap into your own inner knowing, and gain the clarity you need to make the choices and take the actions that are aligned for you.

What you do:

Tell me about your concerns (the textbox looks small but it expands so you can type a lot in there) along with your name, birth date, session time and contact information below, before clicking add to basket. You can ask for insight on up to 2 issues.

I conduct these readings via Telegram, a free messaging app that connects contacts without needing to share your phone number. You can provide me with your Telegram details below. 🙂

What you get:

I’ll connect with your energy and guides, formulate specific questions and choose a card spread suited to your concern. On the day of our appointment we’ll have a 45 to 55 minute Telegram call in which I conduct the reading and go through it with you. I’ll also send you an image of the cards to follow along with.

During our call we can discuss the insights that come up, and you may also ask for clarification on any of the things that we talk about, but please note that this does not include additional issues and/or new questions/queries. It’s to ensure you understand the guidance that Spirit and your guides are intending for you :).

These are very similar to my Quick Insights Tarot Readings, but better because we get to interact with each other! If you’re strapped for time and need guidance sooner, however, definitely check those out.

For more info on how I do readings you can check out this amazing guide or visit the FAQ’s page.

Want to gift a reading to someone else? Check out my Tarot Gift Cards here!


Pick a time slot on the calendar:

If you’d like to reschedule or cancel your phone session, please send me a message here with your request and details included. Please make sure to reschedule or cancel your session at least 48 hours prior to the original appointment.

Cancellations and rescheduling requested less than 48 hours prior to the original appointment time are subject to a 30% penalty fee. Cancellations requested more than 48 hours in advance are eligible for a full refund. Missed appointments are not eligible for refunds.

2 reviews for Phone Tarot Reading Session

  1. Bevani

    This was my first experience with Tarot and it was incredibly educative rather than a simple reading.
    Yonita is approachable and explains things in a clear manner with great examples from everyday life.
    I was unsure of what to expect and how this would work over the phone but it worked out extremely well. Yonita is fantastic! The reading was very spot on and it was fascinating to see the spread unfold and depict actual situations I am experiencing in my life.
    I felt like I gained good clarity and insight into my current circumstances and received wonderful advice that changed my perspective on my life.
    It was a fantastic to journey through this with Yonita as she explained each step of the way and she responded well all my questions and skepticism.
    I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a bit of guidance.

    • Expanding Sapience

      Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to connect with you, and I’m so glad your first Tarot experience was a good one. 💜

  2. Ntombi

    This is now my favourite type of reading. Yonita already offers a great experience through her readings, adding the element on live interaction takes it up a notch. She’s very compassionate and patient, always ensuring that the messages that come through are clear, and I understand.
    I’d definitely recommend this reading, especially if you need clarity or guidance on pressing issues.

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