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A quick query tarot reading for when you need fast insight.

Is there something weighing on your mind? An issue you can’t seem to make heads or tails of, or a decision that’s just a bit overwhelming? Along our unique paths we often find ourselves struggling to figure things out, stuck at a crossroads, or overly stressed about what we’re experiencing, and wishing we had more insight so we could move forward with a bit more confidence. This reading can provide you with just that.

With the help of Spirit, your guides and mine, I use the tool of tarot to unveil the guidance you need to tap into your own inner knowing, and gain the clarity you need to make the choices and take the actions that are aligned for you.

What you do:

Submit your query along with your name, birth date and email address below, before clicking add to basket. You can ask up to 2 questions.

What you get:

I’ll connect with your energy and guides, choose a card spread suited to your concern, and record the messages of guidance that come through. I’ll then send a photo of the cards and the voice recording of your guided message to your inbox within 48 working hours of your order being completed.

You may also ask for clarification on any of the things that were said during the reading, within 3 days of receiving it, if you’d like, but please note that this does not include additional and/or new questions/queries. It’s to ensure you understand the guidance that Spirit has sent you :).

For more info on how I do readings visit the FAQ’s page.

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