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Personal Weekly Tarotscopes


One of the things I love to do is start the week with a little encouragement from my Spirit Guides, and with these mini readings you can do the same!

Everyone has at least one Spirit Guide; an Angel, ancestor, loved one or other kind soul, watching over you, sending you unconditional love, ready to help and guide you in the best way they can. They need our permission, however, and one of the ways to give them permission is by opening up channels for them to send us the messages we need to hear. That’s exactly what this is.

Doing open-ended readings is a wonderful practice because it allows our guides to send us messages without being restricted, deflected or limited by our specific questions. Tarot and Oracle cards hold a multitude of meanings, and our guides have a unique and broader perspective on our lives. The questions we ask them don’t always allow them room to tell us what they really want to say.

It’s really all up to them, and what they’d like to say. I only ask that they have your best interests at heart, protect you, guide you with love and integrity, and provide me with the message that you most need to hear.

What you do:

Choose your duration, provide me with your name, date of birth and your best email address or Telegram contact in the fields below before you hit ‘add to cart’.

What you get:

Once a week  for 1, 3 or 6 months I’ll connect with your personal guides, pull a single tarot or oracle card and channel a message they’d like to share with you for the week ahead. It could be a message of guidance, encouragement, insight, lessons, opportunities, energies to embody, wisdom to consider- with these mini open-ended readings the possibilities are endless! I will then send a 2 – 5 minute audio recording of your mini reading to you every Monday.

For more information on how I do readings, check out these FAQs.

Have a particular question or issue you’d like a to get a reading for? Check out my Phone Tarot Reading Sessions.


*If you purchase this offering from Monday to Thursday, you will begin receiving weekly readings the very next Monday (ie. after 4-7 days). If you purchase this offering from Friday to Sunday, you will begin receiving weekly readings on the second Monday after purchase (ie. after 8-10 days).

*These weekly readings take time and energy to connect, interpret, record and send; they are not automated in any way. I put a lot of love and focus into them, and doing this kind of Spirit work means I also need time to recover afterwards :). For these reasons this offering is limited to a very small number of people per month.

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