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I also post a free weekly tarotscope on my InstagramTwitter and Facebook profile every Monday.

These tarotscope readings are general collective messages for interest and entertainment purposes, and are not to be used in place of professional advice, personal/private readings and credible paid services. In both general and personal/private readings you are responsible for your interpretations, actions and decisions. Tarot and astrology are tools for spiritual growth used to bring awareness to the possibilities of experience, to broaden views and help navigate life in more conscious and mindful ways. Spiritual guidance is not a replacement for professional legal, medical, psychological and financial advice.

How I do readings

I am a tarot reader and I use tarot and oracle cards as my main tools, along with intuitive abilities (mainly clairsentience) in my practice. I’ve studied connecting with spirit guides, tarot and astrology , and I connect with my own guides through deep meditation, my decks and occasionally through writing and art. I focus on reaching authenticity and alignment with our true purposes, and in my readings I ask for guidance that’s helpful and backed by love and good intent. I find that my readings are straightforward, encouraging, empathetic and sincere.

How I use your information in a reading

Whenever I do a personal/private reading that isn’t for myself, I hold the details of the person I’m reading for and their name clearly in my mind. This helps me focus on their energy and connect to their guides. Your name and date of birth will be used to help me in this way, as well as any other contextual information you provide me with. For certain readings your time of birth and city of birth are either necessary for accurate calculations or may allow me to get a better sense of how the insights I receive in a reading relate to you.

Your personal information is confidential and used solely for the purposes of conducting your readings. Information is processed according to the terms in the Privacy Policy.

Do I predict the future?

No. The future isn’t set in stone and we all have the free will to influence, choose, create and change it for ourselves. There may be certain events in our paths that we are meant to experience, but whether or not we actually do, and how we do, remains in our own hands.

If you really don’t like something you hear in a reading, or don’t want it, and you don’t feel it’s right for you, you can change it. On the other hand, if you hear something that you do really want, but aren’t prepared or willing to take the action that will allow it to manifest, you may end up disappointed. Everything is a choice and everything can change.

Instead, I sense energies, choose to focus on future potentialities and be a guide in making choices for the best way forward. The goal of my readings is to help others navigate, heal and grow, to let go of toxic anchors, step into authenticity, and learn how to recognise and follow your own intuition. You’ll hopefully gain clarity and insight, and be better equipped to make choices that are aligned with who you are and what you want your life to be.

How to redeem a gift voucher

Gift vouchers are redeemed on the Expanding Sapience online shop. Simply add the appropriate reading or product to your basket, view the basket and apply the coupon code included on the gift voucher. Proceed to checkout as normal.

Note that vouchers are valid for single use for a limited time only and cannot be used after expiry, returned, refunded or exchanged. Make sure to use the coupon before the expiry date indicated on the voucher. For more information see Terms & Conditions.

How to download a digital product

Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed. Once your order has been processed you will receive an Order Complete email containing links to download your purchased items. Simply click the links to access your download.

If you can’t find your Order Complete email, be sure to check your spam or junk folder.

How to open a digital product

You will receive a .zip file when you download a digital product using the link in your Order Complete email. Extract/unzip the file to see the printable folder.

If you have trouble opening a file, it’s possible you may not have the correct software on your laptop/computer. All of my printable digital products are created in PDF format. To open them use Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free here.

For security purposes the main printable file always requires a password. You can find this password in your Order Complete email, along with your download links. 

How to print a digital product

All digital products include a separate print guide that you receive in the download link with your main product. Simply open the file and follow the instructions. 

Printing guides are made with the Adobe Acrobat Reader interface in mind.