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This is a retrospective post. I’m really bad at sticking to schedules, but I’m really great at planning and making them. In the context of blogging, this usually results in many hours spent writing, and almost none spent actually posting what I write.

Last night the moon was glorious. I watched her quick rise from the patio, trailing the most beautiful light shimmers on the dam (we live right on the shore) before disappearing behind clouds. I feel a deeper connection to the moon these days. I’ve only just started noticing how she pulls me this way and that, through each of her cycles. Nights have been restless since the full moon, and days have been tiresome. Today is better.

I sat by the bee blossoms, watching the great glowing orb, and a memory was sparked; a musing from what feels like years ago that I never shared. It was actually from July 4th, 2018, and I was different then. I lived in a bustling city that I couldn’t wait to get away from, I was just beginning to feel the presence of spirit like sparks at my fingertips, and everyday felt heartbreaking. I don’t fully comprehend why this moment in the moonlight and that piece of writing are connected, yet. It might have something to do with the delicacy of the energy floating around me on both occasions. Perhaps they aren’t connected at all.

I’ve never really had a proper go at night photography. I clearly have some way to go, but the experience was too full of joy to not share. I can’t wait to have this feeling again.

Also, here’s what I wrote on 4th July 2018:

As I sit here, listening to Linkin Park in my office just minutes after midnight, I can feel a sense of bigness ahead of me.

It’s like I’m floating in the endlessness of the multiverse, and the Great A’Tuin is lazily winking its eye at me in acknowledgement of its awesome power of existence as it swims by in the imperceptible distance.

Existence is all at once more luscious and more preciously fragile. I love it. There is only balance in the presence of these universes, and nothing else is truer. Balance breeds life, survival, beauty, health, happiness and the foundation of any thriving system. For every interaction involving energy there is an equal and opposite interaction to keep the ground stable.

There are bursts of jewel toned orbs puffing through the skies everywhere, and endless stars turn into matted glitter, all on a canvas of the deepest, richest nothing. I feel like I can eat my heartbeats.

It’s breathtaking to watch.

Expanding Sapience

Yonita is an illustrator and tarot and astrology practitioner with a penchant for science, spiritual experiences, fiction, food and obsessive studying.

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