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I read tarot, look at the sky and do a whole lot of inner work.

I currently live in South Africa and I’m usually searching for ways to navigate and create a life of authenticity, meaning, purpose and fulfilment. I’ve been spiritually inclined for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been using tarot and consciously dedicating time to my intuitive skills as tools to cultivate inner peace and for spiritual and self-development for over 6 years.

The journey of life is often far from easy, but open-mindedness and the pursuit of inner and outer knowledge can be empowering balms when facing the challenges of human existence and personal growth.


(present participle verb) becoming greater, broader, larger or more extensive in size, capacity, importance or scope; developing or expressing in fuller form or greater detail; unfolding


I value healthy spiritual development.

When we open our minds to the unfamiliar we increase our capacity for wisdom. I’m a lifelong student of the multiverse. Over the years I academically and independently dove into a wide range of topics, from genetics and fractal geometry to astrology and magick, only to discover that my greatest teacher has always been my inner self and experiences.

As great as it’s been to formally learn cool stuff, my unique personal journey time and again leaves me in awe of the seemingly perfect polarity of existence, of our simultaneous individualism and interconnectivity, and of the devastating beauty in the nature of being. I think it’s important to let life be your teacher.

Sapience is the brain basis for what is unique in human cognition . . . It is the basis for the development of whatever capacity for wisdom we see in humans. Wisdom develops over the life of an individual as a result of sapience functions obtaining tacit knowledge and using that knowledge to form moral, strategic, and systemic judgments.”

– George Mobus


I’m driven by a need to just be.

I used to be driven by a need to understand, and sometimes that’s still true. Knowledge may be power, but true power lies in how it’s comprehended and used. Insight has more value when it’s shared and when it’s used to heal, create and make a positive impact.

We all deserve to live in truth, purpose and joy, and when we do so we contribute to raising the vibration of the planet and humanity as a whole. I hope to help, inspire and encourage myself and others to live happier, healthier and more aligned lives.

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It’s in embracing the exploration and evolution of our humanity.

There are many ways to live the human experience; ways that are kind, courageous, joyful and in harmony with Mama Earth, each other and the rest of the cosmos.

I strive to provide authentic content and inspiration that I believe genuinely helps live a life that is more mindful, healthy and eco-centric, that I also have sincere interest in. The wisdom and experiences I choose to share have in some way added value to my own life. The guidance I give focuses on strengthening your awareness of your inner world and learning to develop and trust your own intuition. It’s about being brave enough to face the shadows, and willing to learn and integrate them into the light.

It’s about recognising when you’re living in fear, and learning to live in love.